Conquering Cancer Together

Conquering Cancer Together

Publication: Feb. 28, 2021

On the 24th December 2015, Denise Coates was told that she had breast cancer. Conquering Cancer Together is about the impact that breast cancer has had, not only on her but on those around her. It’s about hope, it’s about awareness of early detection and it’s about the support of other inspirational women who have shared their survival stories and tips. At the forefront of Denise’s mind was for our future generations and education.

Denise’s breast cancer journey led her to discover her inner determination and resilience, which in turn gave her an overwhelming sense of wanting to give back. Since then Denise has become a media volunteer for Cancer Research UK and has been a charity ambassador for the L&D Hospital and is currently a volunteer fundraiser for the L&D Breast Cancer Unit, sharing her story in order to help others on their journey.

Conquering Cancer Together is part cancer memoir but also a true story about gaining an appreciation of life and wanting to give something positive back.

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Denise Coates

Denise loves to talk!
So... writing came naturally and sharing her life experiences was something she just desired to do, in order to help others.
Since experiencing breast cancer, she has dedicated her time to raising awareness around cancer and fundraising, working with various charities.

She has been a Charity Ambassador for her local NHS, L&D Hospital and is a Voluntary Fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Unit. Denise also works with the Association of Breast Surgery on International projects with Dr Ruth James.
She has spoken to over a thousand women at a Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Race for Life event as a Media Volunteer and has also campaigned in parliament with her local MP to raise awareness in health education, which became part of health prevention in Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education.

Mentoring is Denise’s passion along with speaking at women’s awareness groups and schools; which are part of her charitable work. Currently fundraising on an International project with Dr Ruth James.

In her down time, she likes to keep fit and travel. Reading and learning more about philosophy and the Law of Attraction and hopes to write further self help guides.

‘Let’s come together’
is her mantra!

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